Join us to a journey of exploration of Greece! Every tour is like a time-travel from antiquity to the present, guided by our experienced, history-loving, Spanish-speaking guides, who will accompany you while you discover the long Greek history, the fascinating Greek culture, past and present, and the beautiful Greek landscape.

3 Days | from 376€

3-day classical tour in Mycenae, Epidaurus, Olympia & Delphi

We are proud to think this is not just a simple tour; it is a complete, guided journey into the history of...

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4 Days | from 573€

4-day classical tour in Mycenae, Epidaurus, Olympia, Delphi & Meteora

This is not just a simple tour; it is a complete journey into the history of Ancient Greece guided by...

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What We Provide

Your gides

We guide you into Greek culture with the knowledge and expertise of our experienced and talented Spanish-speaking tour guides. Accredited by the Greek Ministry of Culture, they are the ones that will look after you and make sure you enjoy a memorable experience and that you get to know all that makes Greek culture so fascinating. They will be there for you throughout the tour, they will be staying with you in your hotel, they will assist you with any inquiry regarding the specifics of your tour – and of course they will fascinate you with their narration of Greek history and knowledge of Greek culture.

Your transport

We transport you in luxury with buses from our privately own fleet, driven by professional, trustworthy drivers with years of experience and knowledge of our routes. All our vehicles are subjected to regular quality and safety tests and meet the highest corresponding standards, ensuring your safety and comfort. They also feature air conditioning and heating, reclining seats, a microphone for your guide, as well as an external camera broadcasting to the bus screens, adding to an overall pleasant travelling experience. After all, the journey is as important as the destination.

Your pickup

We pick you up from your hotel in Athens, or from other agreed pickup points in the city, close to your accommodation, so that you can start your tour rested and ready to take in the experience that will follow. Our Spanish-speaking associates will be the ones to be expecting you at these meeting points, and the ones that will lead you to your awaiting bus. For this important service, we kindly request your punctuality, to keep the tour on schedule.

Your stay

We arrange the accommodation for your booked 2-, 3- or 4 day-tours, by offering you the chance to also book the hotel of your preference through your travel operator. You can choose from our multiyear partner hotels of 3 and 4 stars, a range of handpicked hospitality establishments that boast an extensive experience in the industry. The price of the tour thus also includes breakfast and dinner at the hotel.

Your meals

We introduce you to the Greek cuisine by making meal arrangements that are included in the tour rates and that will offer you a genuine taste of Greece. You can enjoy your lunch during our day trips in handpicked taverns and restaurants, with a traditional Greek menu curated by us in advance. Your breakfast and dinner, included in the accommodation rates, are served at your hotel. Of course, alternative vegetarian, vegan and allergen-free menus are available on prior request to your travel agency.

Your tickets

We ensure your entry into the archaeological sites you will be visiting during our tours, by booking your tickets in advance. To avoid any unplanned additions to your budget, the price of your tickets is included in the rates of the tours. Any applicable discounts or free passes - as is usually the case when you are a student, for example - are also taken into account, so long as you have the corresponding documentation at our disposal.

Your memories

We create incredible memories for you, by building unparalleled experiential tours powered by the combination of our knowledge of Greek culture, our understanding of the needs of the Spanish-speaking traveler, and our insight into the Greek art of living. Even a single day trip with ARTY TOURS can enrich your holidays and give you something amazing to remember and talk about.

Can’t wait to join one of our Spanish-speaking journeys into Greek culture? Contact your travel agent in Greece to find out more, get answers to your specific inquiries and book your stay and tours that best suit you. Your travel operators in Greece are contractors of ARTY TOURS.