Museums in Athens

Museums in Athens

National Archaeological Museum
This museum is not only the best in Greece, but one of the most important and fascinating in the world. It is full of famous, influential and beautiful works from the important cultures of the Bronze Age described by Homer and the golden age of classical Athens, and through Egyptian art. Patission, 44. Athens 210 8217717

Museum of Cycladic Art
This museum is an enchanting site in which to appreciate the elegant and stylized Cycladic figures, vestiges of a culture that flourished in the Cyclades Islands from 3200-2200 BC. The refined lines of these beautiful marble carvings are fascinating. Neofitou Douka, 4, Kolonaki 210 7228321

Benaki Museum
This huge museum offers a journey through the history of Greece, from the Stone Age (7,000 BC) to the 20th century, through classical Greece and the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Its more than 20,000 pieces are arranged chronologically in 36 rooms, which show the evolution of Greek painting, sculpture and craftsmanship.

National Pinacotheca

Vassileos Constantinou Avenue, 50
210 7235937-38
War Museum
Vassilissis Sofias and Rizari, 2
Athens 210 7252975-6