Videos Of The Excursions


Meet the heroes of the Homeric Iliad, in the ancient city of Mycenae, visit the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, and stand at the stage of the admired ancient theatre of Epidaurus. When in Greece, Peloponnese is a must-visit, with admiringly reserved ancient remains that carry fascinating history, and a breathtaking landscape.


Greece is not only about antiquity – it also boasts an amazing natural environment. Take Meteora, for example, a breathtaking rock formation, part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. On top of the steep rocks that look like meteorites fallen on Earth, nestle monasteries that date back to the Byzantium and are still operating. Discover everything with these tours!

Videos Of The Excursions

Tour por la ciudad de Atenas con visita guiada a la Acropolis
Visita a la ciudad de Atenas y la Acrópolis + Museo de la Acrópolis
Tour a pie por la mañana a la Acrópolis
Excursión a pie por la tarde a la Acrópolis
Tour a pie por la tarde a la Acrópolis + Museo de la Acrópolis
Excursion de dia completo a Delfos
Excursion de dia completo a Micenas y Epidauro
Circuito de 2 dias a Delfos y Meteora
Circuito de 3 dias a Micenas, Epidauro, Olimpia y Delfos
Circuito Clásico de 4 dias a Micenas, Epidauro, Olimpia, Delfos y Meteora
Tour por la Riviera Ateniense con visita guiada al Templo de Poseidon y puesta del sol